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a closer look at the world's most expensive sports venues.

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New report ranks the 30 most expensive sports venues

The home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Charters, SoFi Stadium is the most expensive stadium ever built, even after adjusting for inflation. That's the finding of a new report that ranks the most expensive sports venues around the world. The Inglewood stadium cost over twice as much as the next venue on the list, the MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Although a decade separates their completion, the SoFi Stadium cost $5.5 billion, compared to the MetLife's $2.03 billion. All figures have been adjusted for inflation.

The Construction Disputes report lists the top 30 most expensive venues, with 22 located in the U.S. Of those, five were built for sports franchises in and around New York. The next biggest-spending city is London, which spent large sums on the new national stadium at Wembley and three Premiership soccer grounds.

NFL venues top the list

A high concentration of expensive stadiums have been built by the NFL in recent years as the sport's popularity continues to grow across the U.S. As franchises are forced to compete with the ease of watching the big game from the comfort of people's sofas, stadiums have upped the ante in terms of their amenities, creating a great game-day experience that staying home can't match.

From bigger seats and increased stadium capacity to bigger suites and boxes for a true VIP experience, sports franchises are really raising their game. Add in multiple large screens and giant scoreboards, and you have an enhanced experience - but it's one that costs developers. Take SoFi's double-sided scoreboard, for example. This behemoth features more than 70,000 square feet of digital LED real estate and weighs in at a whopping 2.4 million pounds. Owing to its California location, the massive scoreboard was designed to be earthquake-proof. It's currently the largest screen in U.S. sports, giving critical game intel and a perfect view to every spectator.

At the MetLife Stadium, everything has been designed with transformation in mind. The stadium can transform to a home field in the blink of an eye and was the first venue with removable end zones. As the home of the Jets and the Giants, everything needs to be switched out quickly, and with a 30'x 118' high-definition LED video board in every corner, fans will never miss a play.

SoFi Stadium in close-up

Designed by HKS architects, the new home of the Rams has seating for 70,000 fans with standing room for another 25,000. The seating bowl is partially sunk to avoid dominating the surrounding landscape, although the canopy rises well above 53 meters.

The entire stadium has been designed with an airy, open feel, with a transparent dome featuring an EFTE cover to provide shelter in poor weather. This transparent roofing also covers neighboring plazas and a 6,000-capacity event hall.

The monumental structure is at the center of a 300-acre site that once housed the Hollywood Park Racetrack. The mixed-use development also includes an open-air mall, restaurants, Olympix Fitness gym, Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas and the Three Weavers Brewing Company. The site also houses a retail development and a 300-bed hotel.

The $5 billion stadium is the most expensive sports stadium ever built and will host the 2028 Olympics opening ceremony, plus a host of other prestigious events.


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