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we match employers with the best mechanical and electrical professionals to deliver demanding technical projects.

It’s never been more important to have the right people in place to successfully lead building services projects. And when it comes to white-collar roles, we have an unrivalled track record of connecting top talent with new opportunities.

All of our consultants are ex-mechanical and electrical engineers, so our technical expertise is far beyond the norm. It allows us to search for people with the exact specialisms for our clients’ unique requirements.

we’re deliberately technical.

  • Build Space’s huge depth of technical knowledge doesn’t just help us source the very best hires. It’s reflected in the tools we use too – our TRIBE solution bolsters your recruitment drive. Machine learning, A.I and chatbots give us more agility and precision. Whilst the competition sleeps, we continue to break new ground in your talent search or career goals.

experts in your industry.

  • Our experience in this sector means we can quickly assess the talent requirements for a project, including budget and scale, to deliver a fast and accurate solution. What’s more, we keep up with developments to advise on the best course of action when hiring or searching for a job in the ever-changing industry.

    Build Space live and breathe technical knowledge. Ask us about it.

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